Our Schools

RSU/MSAD No. 64 serves the students in five towns: Bradford, Corinth, Hudson, Kenduskeag, and Stetson, Maine.  Our district is comprised of approximately 200 staff and 1200 students. Our District Vision is to "Inspire all students to Excellence".  Our district does this by providing a safe, respectful, and positive learning environment that supports life long learners who leave our schools college and career ready. 

Our Schools:

Central Community Elementary School (PreK-Gr. 5)  Phone:  285-0325

Central Middle School (Gr. 6-8)  Phone:  285-3177

Central High School (Gr. 9-12)   Phone:  285-3326

Future Search Process & Strategic Plan

In October 2011, a representative stakeholder group gathered at Central Middle School for the introductory event in what has become an evolving and fluid plan for the future of education in RSU/MSAD No. 64.  During an intense day-and-a-half workshop, our stakeholder group delved into the history of RSU/MSAD No. 64 and its schools and communities, various influence on educational programming and ongoing challenges, current perceptions on the strengths of and challenges facing the District, and a vision of what we desire for our schools, students, and communities in the future.


Emerging from that focused and rewarding experience was a common set of Guiding Beliefs and Major Goal Areas that would serve as the foundation for the next steps in the process including the revision of the District’s stated Vision and Mission and the design of a Strategic Plan.


The following Goal Area Teams continue to meet on an ongoing basis:


Educational Program Delivery – The purpose of this team is to design educational opportunities that reflect desired learning outcomes, recognize student abilities, passions, interest, learning styles, and aptitudes and are designed to align with national and state standards to help student become successful, productive, contributing citizens.


Technology – The purpose of this team is to provide direction in making current technologies, integrated with the curriculum, available for both students and staff, along with ongoing training opportunities.


Facilities – The purpose of this team is to design a comprehensive plan that ensures our facilities support and enhance effective teaching and learning.


Learning Environment – The purpose of this team is to support the teaching, creation, and enhancement of a school community where mutual respect is present and celebrated.


Community Partnerships – The purpose of this team is to create a network of people and organizations that can provide experiential opportunities that will foster, support, and broaden the aspirations of our school community.