Central Middle School uses a traditional schedule in which students rotate between classes for 50-57 minutes each. Students have instruction in the core subjects of Math, Science, ELA, and Social Studies every day. Allied Arts (Guidance, technology, art, physical education, and health) vary at different grades and occur on a rotating basis so as to maximize the exposure that each student has with the content.

CMS uses a standards-based grading system. In the standards-based system, students will earn a 1-4 score on content-area reporting standards. Scores in the standards-based system are based on grade level expectations and are reported as follows: 1 – does not meet the standard; 2 – partially meets the standard; 3 – meets the standard; 4 – exceeds the standard. Students will also receive a traditional score based on a 100 pt scale. Parents are encouraged to check with their child’s teacher for information about the grading systems used.

Through the school’s electronic reporting system, Infinite Campus, students and parents/guardians are able to check their child’s progress at any time from a computer or mobile device. We encourage students to monitor their progress closely and remain current with all projects. If you are having trouble connecting to the online system, please contact the school directly (207) 285-3177.