At Central Middle School, students have opportunities to participate in a variety of activities beyond the classroom. Participation in school activities helps students build and hone skills in a variety of non-academic areas. Extra-curricular activities are designed to engage students in ways that encourage social awareness, team work, and respect. Extra-curricular activities are a way for students to demonstrate the important PRIDE value of Involvement! CMS offers opportunities for involvement in the following activities:

Intramurals John Curry

One Act Plays Lindsey Peterson

Chess Club Lisa Oliver

Math Team Lisa Oliver

Student Council Tara Lewis & Tammy McCarthy

F.O.R. (Friends of Rachel) Tami Call & Beth Cook

Yearbook Carrie Carr


Students must demonstrate proficiency in each of the content areas to be eligible to participate in extra-curricular and school activities. In an effort to support student academic success, students who did not demonstrate proficiency in all content areas for the previous quarter (even if the previous quarter was in the preceding school year) will not be allowed to participate in sports until grades have been issued for the next quarter. This structure provides an opportunity for students to focus on their learning without the distractions and time commitments of extra curricular activities.