Student Life

At Central Middle School we strive to meet a wide range of student needs and interests. Our academic schedule accommodates 57 minute class periods in all subjects and each core academic subject meets 5 days per week. Art, Technology, Guidance, Physical Education, and Health are offered on a three week rotation. Students attend one of these ‘Allied Arts’ courses 57 minutes daily, every day for a three week period. Then they switch and experience a different course.

Music instruction is offered during a non-compete period at the end of each day. Monday, grade 6 band meets; Tuesday, full chorus; Wednesday is grade 7 & 8 band; Thursday is chorus again; and Friday is strings. Students who play an instrument in the band or orchestra also have a weekly lesson to hone their individual skills.

In addition to courses offered during the school day, students have multiple options to participate on athletic teams during each of the three major sports seasons. During the longer break between winter and spring sports, we also offer intramural activities to keep students active and engaged.

Sports are not the only after school activities. Some of the clubs and activities we offer include Chess Club, Yearbook Staff, Math Team, Newspaper, and more. Check out our links in the side menu to learn more about the wonderful opportunities available for Central Middle School students.

Students in school gym