About Our School

Central High School inspires excellence and prepares all students for college, career, and community.

The purpose of Central High School is to provide its students with opportunities to develop a solid educational foundation with strong emphasis being placed on basic intellectual and social skills development.  This foundation will include skills in oral and written communication, quantitative analysis, problem solving, higher-level thinking, and cultural awareness. This foundation will also sufficiently challenge students in daily work and prepare them for all post-secondary opportunities.  The curriculum will provide the skills necessary for educational, career, and life choices.

Central High school will provide a safe environment where high expectations and standards exist for all students.  Our aim is to encourage empathy, courtesy, and respect for others.

Our high school is to be a community of active learners.  Students will be encouraged and challenged to appreciate learning, to become self-directed learners, to develop skills that will enable them to become life-long learners.  The successful fulfillment of this mission requires the commitment and cooperation of students, faculty, parents and the community.