Advisory Program

Central High School’s advisory program, called The Central Experience, is a consistent, weekly opportunity for students to achieve 21st Century Learning Expectations. Each student is placed in an advisory group that they remain with throughout their high school career.  The groups are organized by grade level, and average 11-15 students per teacher. Students are in their advisory groups daily, with one 30-minute extended advisory session each week.  The Central Experience curriculum provides structured lesson plans for these extended advisory periods. During this weekly group time, students complete a digital citizenship curriculum, discuss current events and concerns, and receive assistance with grades, goal-setting, financial literacy, career planning, college planning, and community service plans.  Advisory groups also participate in the “Christmas Is for Kids” charity event annually in December, and a “Carnival of Hope” event is held at the Central Community Elementary School. This event initiates involvement between students and the community, and raises money for cancer charities.

The Central Experience also includes CPR training for seniors, an annual student-led conference for grades 9-11, a community service requirement of 20 hours, and a final Senior Project.  This provides a platform for students to practice many 21st Century skills. The student-led conferences require students to present work that they are proud of, as well as work that they would like to improve.  It is a reflective experience, as well as a time for goal setting. Seniors have a choice of three project options; all include a presentation in the spring. Project options are: 1) job shadowing in a profession of interest to them, 2) giving advice to their 8th Grade self based on reflection of their experiences, or 3) exploring a career of their choice and making an informative poster to present information.