School Profile

Central High School is located 20 minutes west of Bangor Maine. Central High School has just over 300 students. There are 24 teaching staff, several of whom hold advanced degrees in their area of study, as well as support staff members to help assist students needs.

We offer courses in the four core academic areas (Math, English, Science, and Social Studies) as well as Art, Band, Physical Education and Health, Library and Research Methods, Audiovisual Production, and Spanish. In addition, we are currently using EdOptions to offer computer based electives in a wide variety of areas. Finally, a large proportion of our juniors and seniors also have the option to attend United Technology Center in Bangor for technical education courses and certification training for the trades. In 2024-25, UTC will be bringing a technology course to our building for 9th and 10th graders to explore the various areas of study at UTC before deciding what area to pursue in their junior year. Students need to earn 21 credits, (15 required and 6 electives) to receive a CHS diploma.

Our sports teams compete in class C events in soccer, golf, basketball, baseball, cross-country, indoor and outdoor track and field, and several students have participated via a coop with other schools in football and field hockey.

We also have several enrichment opportunities like math team, chess team, robotics club, Envirothon, drama club, art club, foreign language club, Adventure Club, and others.

Below is an outside link with more information regarding our school and community.

Central High School

We are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The NEASC report from our last accreditation review is available at the first link below. Click to view the commendations and recommendations for our school. Subsequent to this report, we have addressed all recommendations (see the second link below) and are in preparations for our next visit in 2029.

Report of Central High School Final 1-2-19

5-Year Review Letter