CHS Announcements

March 2, 2023   


Today is a Red Day.

Sophomores need to get their coats and go to the main entrance after advisory this morning.  Do not take backpacks with you.

Drama Festival students:  Please go to the gym immediately after the 2:30 bell to load the truck.  Do not take backpacks with you.  

Senior t-shirts are in!  All seniors need to pay $4.00, please see Mrs. Rollins when you have your money.

Spring sports sign up sheets are posted on the bulletin board outside of the main office. If you have not participated in a sport yet, please see Mrs. Randall for paperwork.

"Key Club Coin War Update: 

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Freshmen remain in last place with 125 points, and the juniors are still in third place with 1,068 points. 

However, the sophomores have fallen to second place with a total of 1,727 points, and the seniors have moved into first place with a total of 8,440 points!

Remember, all money donated today will count as positive points, but tomorrow, Sabotage Day,  all donations will count as negative points.

Freshmen- what are you waiting on? This is your chance to beat the seniors at something that doesn't require any athletic skill! 

Make your donations soon!"

Winter Carnival events will take place on Friday.  The dance will be held from 6-9pm.  Admission is $5.00.